A Beach Session to Remember

When Kaitlyn contacted me to photograph her family I was so estatic especially when she wanted them done at the beach during the sunset. I knew right away the perfect place at the Maumee State Park in Oregon Ohio. The lighting there is absolutley perfect during the sunsets or as us photographers like to call it the "golden hour".

Kaitlyn and Tyler's sweet little boy Emerson was SO shy at first, but after a few peek a boos behind my camera we got some adorable smiles. A little more into the session he let me get a little closer to give him a few tickles for even bigger smiles and a laugh or two. It's important to me to let the kids I photograph during family sessions to take the lead and warm up to me at their own speed. I play games with them and smile from a distance and read how they are reacting before getting too close.

Emerson's dad Tyler, was just about doing cartwheels behind me to get the best laughs and big smiles from Emerson and mom while I was taking a few photos of the two of them. Emerson was definitely enjoying that.

Sometimes photography sessions can be a little overwhelming for kids and they just need a tiny break. It's usually during those small breaks that I get the best and most authentic photos.

Mom and Dad were just about the sweetest couple. You could tell they loved eachother so much and loved little Emerson even more. They were absolute naturals, so snuggly and giggling with one another. Makes my job that much easier.